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My Story

Growing up, my family was just like many others.

My dad would go off to work (his own auto body shop in Grandpa’s garage). And come home at the end of the day to his family, thankful he could provide for us in the way that he did.

Hard work and ambition was part of our blood. We weren’t going to settle for anything if we didn’t have to.

When I was little, my ambition was to teach. Then later, I decided HR is where I was supposed to be. Then CEO (it sounded a little better than HR).

You know what they all have in common? I wanted to tell people what they could and couldn’t do. I wanted the power of being in charge and making the decisions.

So you might be surprised when I tell you the next part of my story:
At 12-years-old, I welcomed my dad home after a hard day of work. He took off his boots and I greeted him with a plate of dinner.

His response? “You’ll make a good wife someday.”

At the time, it wasn’t a big deal. In fact, it was a compliment.

Now, I think of that moment and think, “What the hell?” I wasn’t built to serve dinner on a silver platter for someone else. I was built to do way more than that.

My hard work and ambition are what drove me to be the first in my family to graduate from college. It’s what pushed me to become a lawyer.

And when I became pregnant, that ambition kicked everything up a notch. I realized that there had to be even more for me…and for my baby. I wanted to provide for her in the same way my dad provided (but leveled up). I wanted to practice law the way I had before (but leveled up). I wanted to live my life with fun goals (and level those up too.)

And I wanted to do all of that to ensure that my baby and my family were secured no matter what happened to me.

Which is exactly how my coaching practice came around.

If I wanted this for me, I know other women would want it for themselves, too.

My Mission

My mission is to encourage women to up level themselves to start living the legacy they want to leave.

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Itzel Baeza

Executive Assistant

Alexandria "AC" Monterrubio

Alexandria "AC" Monterrubio

Social Media Manager

Alexandria "AC" Monterrubio

Social Media Manager

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PR and Media